Milkcow comes from South Korea, and is a very successful brand serving up its unique soft ice cream. It’s the fastest growing ice cream chain in Asia, with endorsements by well known South Korean celebrities. It’s famous signature item is the organic soft ice cream with organic honeycomb and liquid honey on the side and is extremely popular. It’s soft ice cream is also distinctive in that it tastes milkier and creamier, as its organically sourced without preservatives - it is not your traditional soft serve. Known for its extraordinary toppings, including fairy floss, double glazed caramel corn and bubble tea-like flavours, Milkcow brings a new and exciting ice cream experience to an ever popular category.





We love keeping things simple, free from artificial flavours and colouring, our soft serve is made with locally sourced organic milk and organic ingredients.



Our product is Australian sourced, of high quality, and visually stunning. Our environment reflects that, we’re not mass made.



We want our customers to feel like they can have fun, relax and mingle in our stores, share their experiences and talk to us about our soft serve.



We only serve you what we would serve our selves - pure goodness and fun.


We talk to our customers like they’re our friends. No chat speak though!



We love chatting with our customers, not delivering them lectures! We share their pictures online with all our friends, and thank them for coming by to see us.



We’re positive and bright, go-getters and doers. Why think about eating soft serve when you could do it right now? We’ll be the guys telling you to bring your friends.