Milkcow Goes Global

Milkcow started in South Korea where it now has over 30 stores and is still growing. The premium creamy taste of the organic soft ice-cream combined with tasty and spectacular toppings has made Milkcow one of the most sought after ice-cream products in many countries.

In 2014, Milkcow commenced global expansion and now has stores rapidly opening across Asia and the Americas. This makes Milkcow one of the fastest growing brands globally and positions the brand to be high demand in Australia.

Milkcow Australia has taken the best of what the international franchise has developed, and localised it for the Australian market. Our menu still focuses on the high quality and high demand ice-creams, but also with local favourites and local ingredients. We make the ice-cream here in Australia and we source honeycomb and other toppings from high end local suppliers. We are all about high quality, sensational taste and great customer experiences

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Organic Milk Ice-Creams and Desserts

Milkcow is famous for its premium organic milk ice-cream range. The ice-cream is creamy and dense, immediately creating a unique taste sensation that delights customers. The texture and flavour comes from special ingredients and our secret recipe including organic milk and other natural ingredients.

Our signature ice-cream product is the Milky Cube which is topped with a wedge of 100% natural honeycomb, providing a sweet balance to the creamy ice-cream.

Customers rave about the ice-cream and appreciate the premium and organic qualities that distinguish Milkcow from other ice-cream and soft-serve companies.

Values and Tones

01. Natural

We love keeping things simple, free from artificial flavours and colouring, our soft serve is made with just great organic locally sourced milk.

02. Artisan

Our product is Australian sourced, of high quality, and visually stunning. Our environment reflects that, we’re not mass made.

03. social

We want our customers to feel like they can have fun, relax and mingle in our stores, share their experiences and talk to us about our soft serve

04. Genuine

We only serve you what we would serve our selves - pure goodness and fun.